GSECARS Facility

GSECARS, Sector 13

GSECARS provides earth, environmental and planetary scientists with access to the high-brilliance hard x-rays from the Advanced Photon Source (APS), a third-generation synchrotron light source at Argonne National Laboratory.

Virtually all x-ray-based analytical instrumentation and techniques in demand by these scientists are available:

  • high-pressure/high-temperature crystallography and spectroscopy using the laser heated diamond anvil cell
  • high-pressure/high-temperature crystallography and imaging using the large-volume press
  • powder, single crystal and interface diffraction
  • inelastic x-ray scattering
  • x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy
  • x-ray fluorescence microprobe analysis
  • microtomography

The GSECARS facility consists of an insertion device (undulator) beamline (13-ID), a bending magnet beamline (13-BM), two support laboratories, an office area and a User Area. Each beamline has a first optics enclosure (13-ID-A and 13-BM-A) and a second optics enclosure (13-ID-B and 13-BM-B). The undulator beamline has three experimental stations (13-ID-C, 13-ID-D, and 13-ID-E), and the bending magnet beamline has two experimental stations (13-BM-C, and 13-BM-D). All nine enclosures have been designed to receive white beam.

 Beamlines at Sector 13

 Partnership for Extreme Crystallography (PX^2)

 Beamline Layout and Major Components

 Chemistry Lab

 Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) Lab

 Laser Lab

 Large Volume Press (LVP) Sample Prep Lab

 GSECARS / COMPRES Gas Loading System


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Building 434A, GSECARS

Sector 13, GSECARS

The Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory

13 BMC Control Area

GSECARS Chemistry Lab Glovebox