Chemistry Lab

The GSECARS Chemistry Lab has a full inventory of everything from beakers to flasks to pipettes to a large selection of laboratory equipment and chemicals.  If your work requires specific lab instruments or supplies, please email us before your visit so that we can make sure we have what you need on-hand.  For contact info, please refer to the Lab Contacts section on the rights side of this page.

Chemistry Laboratory Equipment

Laminar Flow Hood

Clean Room Products, Model C-2002, Class 100.


Glove Box

Plas-Labs Glove Box, Model 855-AC/SP with a Coy Model 10 oxygen and hydrogen analyzer and a Coy unheated catalyst box. Gases available 1) H4% / N96% 2) Nitrogen 3) Argon.

Reservations for Glove Box suggested.


Fume Hood

Kewaunee Scientific Corp, Air Flow II, average velocity 100fpm @ 16″.

Denver Instrument pH Meter

Model 215, Orion Ross pH electrode.

Cole Parmer Stable Temperature Oven

Temperature range 35-220 deg C, chamber size 10″x12″ deep, vacuum pump available.


Corning Heater – Stirrer Hot Plate

Model PC-420 D, 5″x7″ pyroceram top plate, regulates temperatures up to 550 deg C while stirring at speeds up to 1150 rpm.

Fisher Scientific StereoMaster Microscope

Basic stereo microscope for routine macro work, Cat # 12-562-1, binocular body, 7X to 45X, dual halogen lamps, eyepiece: 10X wide filed, Schott-Fostec light source.

Schott Ace Fiber Optic Light Source

Model 20500, 150W cold light source, fully illuminate active bundle diameters up to 16mm.

Cole Parmer Ultra-Sonic Cleaner

Heater and digital timer, Model 8895-16, capacity 1 gal, tank dimension : 9.5″L x 5.5″W x 6″H. Adjustable heater sets tank temperatures from 34 to 156 degF.

Thermolyne Cimarec Magnetic Stirrer

Model 1508, ceramic top 4″ x 4″, stirring speed 100 – 1000 rpm.

LabNet Low Speed Centrifuge

Hermle Z200A.

Mettler-Toledo Balance

Model PG203-S, max 210gm, d=.001gm.

Scientech Balance

Model SM50, max 50gm, d=.00001gm.

Nikon Eclipse E600 Microscope

Velp Scientific Vortex Wizard Mixer

Direct-Q Millipore Water System

Direct-Q 3 System,Delivers both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap, resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm at 25 °C, production flow rate 3 L/h @ 15 °C +/- 15 %, <1 particulate/mL, bacteria <0.1 cfu/mL, reservoir 6L.

Refrigerator / Freezer

Dry ice is also available upon request, usually 24 hr notice is required.

Benchtop SEM

GSECARS has a JEOL JCM-6000Plus benchtop scanning electron microscope abvailable for use.

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Lab Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

General Lab Questions
(630) 252-0423

Joanne Stubbs

Chemistry Lab
(630) 252-0427

Vitali Prakapenka

Laser Lab
(630) 252-0439

Stella Chariton

Laser Lab

Tony Yu