GSECARS Labs at Sector 13

GSECARS has four labs available for their users to help with their experiments.

Chemistry Lab

The GSECARS Chemistry Lab has a full inventory of everything from beakers to flasks to pipettes to a large selection of laboratory equipment and chemicals. If your work requires specific lab instruments or supplies, please email us before your visit so that we can make sure we have what you need on-hand.

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GSECARS built a dedicated lab for diamond anvil cell users. The DAC Lab is located directly across from the GSECARS User Area. Users will find increased bench space, a horizontal laminar clean hood, microscopes, a portable glove box and an enclosed laser for cutting gaskets. A new TopGun compressed nitrogen air gun is available as well.

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Laser Lab

The GSECARS Laser Laboratory contains a 2-watt Innova 90P argon ion laser and a Raman spectrometer. This system is used for offline Raman spectroscopy and ruby fluorescence pressure measurement. The lab also contains the new GSECARS / COMPRES micro manipulator. The 100-watt fiber laser, used for laser machining including drilling gaskets for DACs is located in the GSE DAC Lab.

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The GSECARS LVP Lab is well equipped for cell parts and cell assembly preparation.

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Administrative Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

Sector Coordinator
(630) 252-0423