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GSECARS provides earth, environmental and planetary scientists with access to the high-brilliance hard x-rays from the Advanced Photon Source (APS), a third-generation synchrotron light source at Argonne National Laboratory. GSECARS staff work with prospective users to help them submit beam time proposals, to prepare samples before they arrive, to collect their data, and to analyze the data and prepare it for publication after they leave the facility.


All the available beam time at GSECARS is open to the scientific community on the basis of peer-reviewed beam time proposals to the APS General User Program.

Quick Guide for New Users

Prior to Registering as a new user:

Proposals are peer reviewed and rated by a technique specific Proposal Review Panel (PRP). Beamtime is awarded based on score and feasibility. It is suggested that a user select more than one beamline when submitting a proposal to increase the chances of receiving beamtime. Proposals expire in two years or when the number of PRP recommended shifts has been used, whichever comes first.

Brief summary for new users:

Be sure to follow the APS New User Checklist

  • You need to register as an APS user and submit a proposal in order to apply for GSECARS beamtime.
  • Your home institution has to have an User Agreement with APS.
    Please follow instructions on that page to check for existing agreement or for establishing a new agreement.
  • An APS proposal is considered standard if submitted before the APS deadline for a run cycle and Rapid Access if submitted after the deadline.
    You can find more information about proposal submission and review here.
  • Using your active APS proposal, you have to submit a beamtime request (BTR) for each APS run cycle.
    You can use your active proposal to submit BTRs for several APS run cycles if needed for your project.
  • Following beamtime allocation process, you will be contacted and informed if beamtime has been allocated for your proposal.
  • If beamtime has been allocated, GSECARS staff will contact you about scheduling your beamtime.
  • Before your visit, you have to complete the APS user safety training, complete Experiment Safety Assessment Form and notify APS of your arrival by using the Gate Pass Request tab in My APS Portal.
  • You can find your APS user information at My APS Portal.
    More useful links for users can be found on the APS User Information
  • Once you have completed your experiment, please be sure to submit your End of Experiment Form.
    GSECARS appreciates all feedback, good and bad, plus any suggestions, concerning the facility, staff support, beamline capabilities, overall experience working with us.

Scientific Contacts


Matt Newville


(630) 327-7411

Tony Lanzirotti


Steve Sutton


(630) 484-5920

Peter Eng

Interface / Surface Studies and Powder Diffraction

(630) 252-0424

Joanne Stubbs

Interface / Surface Studies and Powder Diffraction

(630) 252-0427

Vitali Prakapenka

High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

(630) 252-0439

Stella Chariton

High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

Young Jay Ryu

High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) and Large Volume Press (LVP)

Dongzhou Zhang

High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

Yanbin Wang

Large Volume Press (LVP)

Tony Yu

Large Volume Press (LVP)

Mark Rivers



Administrative Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

Sector Coordinator
(630) 252-0423