GSECARS / COMPRES Gas Loading System

The GSECARS and COMPRES jointly funded gas loading system for diamond anvil cells is for use by the high pressure community, not only at GSECARS but also at APS and other facilities. The system has the ability to load many kinds of diamond anvil cells with a closure mechanism using motor driven screws which close a clamping device, not the cell itself. This design makes it easy to pressurize new cell designs by using a different clamp or different spacer.  The system has optical access for sample viewing and online ruby fluorescence pressure measurement. A vacuum pump is used to clean the system before loading.

GSECARS provides a mail-in gas loading service under the technical guidance of GSECARS staff member Sergey Tkachev. For additional information, contact Sergey Tkachev.


Cells must be shipped with appropriate packaging that can also be used to return the cells. A prepaid shipping label must be included for returning the cells to you.

Gas Loading Contacts 

Sergey Tkachev

GSECARS / COMPRES Gas Loading System
(630) 252-0430

Please click here to access the Gas Loading System log: