13 BMD Tomography Setup

Tomographic imaging techniques are used to study the internal microstructures of complex materials.  At GSECARS, computed microtomography is used to study a variety of geological samples.   These range from the internal structures of precious samples like fossils, the distribution and location of inclusions in diamonds, the porosity and density of weathered rocks, studies of granular flow, and the transport of fluids such as water and oils in porous media.

Microtomography Characteristics

  • CAT scans with micrometer resolution
  • Elemental specificity using fluorescence and edge tomography
  • High energy needed for large samples
  • Environmental chambers
  • Near real-time visualization

Microtomography Experiments

  • Dynamic studies of fluids in rocks and soils
  • Root-soil-micro-organism interactions
  • Microstructure visualization of rare and precious objects (Meteorites, fossils, ice cores)

Tomography Contacts


Mark Rivers

Director, Center for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS)
Co-Director GSECARS
Beamline Scientist
University of Chicago Research Professor