Laser Lab

The GSECARS Laser Laboratory contains a 2-watt Innova 90P argon ion laser and a Raman spectrometer. This system is used for offline Raman spectroscopy and ruby fluorescence pressure measurement. The lab also contains the new GSECARS / COMPRES micro manipulator.  The 100-watt fiber laser, used for laser machining including drilling gaskets for DACs, has been moved to the DAC Lab from the Laser Lab.

The Laser Lab is for use by GSECARS users and any user needing to use a Raman spectrometer or ruby fluorescent system. Please contact GSECARS staff to reserve use of this laboratory. Training is required.

A new Raman laser system is currently under construction in the Laser Lab. Funded by GSECARS and COMPRES, the new system will be operational in the fall of 2016.



For information please contact:
Vitali Prakapenka


GSECARS Laser Lab microscope, Leica M205C