The GSECARS LVP Lab is well equipped for cell parts and cell assembly preparation. Please contact Tony Yu (, 630.252.6148) for detailed information concerning the equipment and capabilities of the LVP Lab.


LVP Lab Equipment

Equipment Picture
(l) Roland Benchtop Milling Machine
Model : MDX-540, 4-axis benchtop CNC device with dedicated CMA software.
(r) Roland 3D CNC Machine
Model : CAMM – 3,  PNC 300
Servo Products Standard Drill Press
Model : 7000, drill holes down to 0.002″ / 0.05″ diameter, high accuracy down stop for drilling depth control of 0.001″, variable speed spindle of 200-20,000 rpm.
Enerpac Hand Pump
Model : P392, max 10,000 psi
Instruction Sheet.
IsoMet Low Speed Saw
Buehler, precision sectioning tool capable of cutting virtually any material including brittle or ductile metals, composits, cements, laminates and plastics. Uses gravity feed to provide constant feed rate.
Prazi SD 400 Lathe
Baldor Grinder
Prazi BF 400 Drill Press

LVP Lab, microscope

Sample prep benches

Machines available for use. Training requred.

Bench space.