Axis Pro Micromanipulator

State-of-the-art micromanipulator now available to the DAC community

COMPRES and GSECARS are pleased to announce the availability of a state-of-the-art micromanipulator, Axis Pro APSS from Micro Support, for the DAC community.  The device is located at GSECARS, sector 13 at the Advanced Photon Source in the Laser Lab, room 434 A-020. The system will be available to all diamond anvil cell users who come to the APS.

“Axis Pro” is a micro-manipulator system that enables selection of a tiny sample and moving it precisely to a target location. The system consists of:

  • A high-resolution microscope.
  • Two motorized micromanipulators equipped with various microtools.
  • A motorized sample stage with memory to switch between two sample locations.
  • Two high resolution objectives (3X-30X and 5X-50X): to implement newly available capabilities for high resolution 3D imaging with new WinROOF software.
  • Diagonal illumination adapter: for imaging with shadow to create depth feeling.
  • Polarization device: to work with single crystals.
  • Micro tweezers: for moving large samples and very useful working with LVP samples.
  • Micro injector: for controllable injection of liquids into the pressure chamber.
  • Electric and manual fine pitch rotator: to orient sample on tip of needle to place sample on the diamond surface or into pressure chamber.
  • Ruby knifes: to gently cut samples with a very sharp edge.
  • Extra fine needles and pipettes.
  • Extra handles: easy to switch between different tools.

Axis Pro Micromanipulator System in GSECARS Laser Lab, Building 434A.

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