Additional Facilities at Sector 13

 Below, you will find additional facilities and equipment available at GSECARS.

GSECARS / COMPRES Gas Loading System

The GSECARS and COMPRES jointly funded gas loading system for diamond anvil cells is for use by the high pressure community, not only at GSECARS but also at APS and other facilities. The system has the ability to load many kinds of diamond anvil cells with a closure mechanism using motor driven screws which close a clamping device, not the cell itself. This design makes it easy to pressurize new cell designs by using a different clamp or different spacer. The system has optical access for sample viewing and online ruby fluorescence pressure measurement. A vacuum pump is used to clean the system before loading.

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Partnership for Extreme Crystallography (PX^2)

In June 2014 in collaboration with the University of Hawaii and GSECARS, COMPRES funded Partnership for eXtreme Xtallography (PX^2), a new facility for high-pressure diamond anvil cell research at the APS. Located at the experimental station 13BM-C at GSECARS, the new beamline offers a focused, monochromatic 15/28.6 keV incident beam and a unique 6-circle heavy duty Newport diffractometer, optimized for variety of advanced crystallography experiments, including structure determination, equation of state studies and diffuse scattering analysis.

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Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

GSECARS has a JEOL JCM-6000Plus benchtop scanning electron microscope abvailable for use.

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Offline Sample Coordinate And Registration System (OSCAR)

The X-ray microprobe at 13-ID-E now includes an offline microscope in the beamline control area to allow users to view samples and select ares for X-ray analysis before putting the sample in the X-ray beam. OSCAR uses a standard Nikon petographic micrsoscope provides adjustable zoom level (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x), lighting (reflected or transmitted light), and polarizing filters. The microscope has both ocular view finders and a high-resolution video camera for seeing the sample images.

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Axis Pro Micromanipulator

COMPRES and GSECARS are pleased to announce the availability of a state-of-the-art micromanipulator, Axis Pro APSS from Micro Support, for the DAC community.  The device is located at GSECARS, sector 13 at the Advanced Photon Source in the Laser Lab, room 434 A-020. The system will be available to all diamond anvil cell users who come to the APS.

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Administrative Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

Sector Coordinator
(630) 252-0423