Frequently Asked Questions

I am coming to GSECARS as a visitor. What do I need to do?

Argonne National Laboratory is a controlled access facility. If you plan on conducting or collaborating in an experiment at APS, you must register as an APS User. If  you are a US citizen and will be visiting GSECARS / APS and not doing any hands-on work, contact your GSECARS host to have a gate pass setup for the date and time of your arrival. If you are a non-US citizen, please register as a visitor. Click here to register as a visitor.

The gate pass will be available at the ANL Visitor Center (located on your right, before the ANL Main Gate, as you enter ANL).  If you arrive after hours (after 5pm) or on the weekend, the guard at the Main Gate will have your gate pass.

What publication acknowledgement should I use for publications which include work done at GSECARS ?

When work is conducted at GSECARS Sector 13, APS,  and is published in journals, books, conference proceedings, or other printed technical media, an acknowledgment statement should be included in the manuscript. This includes use of the GSECARS / COMPRES gas loading system.

Please visit our Funding and Publications page to view the appropriate acknowledgement statement(s) for your publication.

What is a User Agreement and do I need to have one before conducting experiments at APS ?

If you are not an ANL employee, a User Agreement signed by your home institution is a prerequisite for hands-on work at APS. If you have any questions, contact Anne Owens (630) 252-7833.  Click here for a complete list of institutions with completed User Agreements.

Can I complete the required APS safety training online?

Most APS required safety courses can be taken online at:

Courses available include:

  • GERT (General Employee Radiation Training)
  • APS 101 (Advanced Photon SOurce User Orientation)
  • ESH 100U (Argonne National Lab User Facility Orientation)
  • ESH 223 (Cybersecurity Annual Educational and Awareness)
  • ESH 377 (Electrical Safety Awareness)
  • ESH 590 (Engineered Nanomaterials Orientation)
  • ESH 705 (Analytical X-ray Safety)

ESH 700, Rad Worker 1, is online but can only be taken on-site.  This course has two parts, a written section and a practical.  The study guide, available online, is an exact replica of the online course and reading the guide in advance will allow the user to go straight to the exam.  To view the study guide, go to
(the study guide is at the bottom of the page).

The practical part of the course is taught by Chris Kolb. It is best to contact Chris Kolb (630) 252-6946 to setup an appointment.  The computer section must be completed before the practical.

Administrative Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

Sector Coordinator
(630) 252-0423