13 BM-D Beamline

13 BM-D Tomography (CMT)

Microtomography : Typically monochromatic beam 10-65 keV, sometimes white beam to 100 keV. Maximum beam size is 50mm (1mrad).

13 BM-D Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

Diamond anvil cell diffraction and imaging : Typically run at 37 keV, but sometimes up to 70 keV. Maximum horizontal beam size of 5mm (0.1 mrad).

13 BM-D Multi-anvil Press (LVP)

The 250T large volume press (LVP) houses our DIA, D-DIA, HPXMT, and T-10 pressure modules. By combining X-ray diffraction and imaging techniques with these high-pressure modules, our facility provides a unique “Swiss-army-knife” approach to solving scientific problems with optimal flexibility.

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Supported Techniques

  • Tomography (CMT)
  • High Pressure Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)
  • Multi-anvil Press (LVP)

Beamline Optics

The bending magnet fan is divided into two parts.   An outboard fan of 2.5 mrad feeds the 13-BM-D station, and an inboard fan of 1.5 mrad feeds the 13-BM-C station.   These fans are separated  by 1 mrad. The extreme inside and outside 0.5 mrad on each edge of the 6 mrad fan is not used.

The 13-BM-D beamline has a non-focusing Si <111> double crystal monochromator that covers the energy range from ~5 to 70 keV.  There is a 1 m long vertical focusing mirror in the 13-BM-B optics station.  This mirror is used for some experiments and removed for others.  There are small K/B mirrors that are placed on the experimental table in 13 BM-D.

BM-D Contacts


Mark Rivers

Beamline Scientist

Vitali Prakapenka

Beamline Scientist
High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)
(630) 252-0439

Young Jay Ryu

Beamline Scientist
High Pressure / High Temperature Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC)

Yanbin Wang

Beamline Scientist
Large Volume Press (LVP)

Tony Yu

Beamline Scientist
Large Volume Press (LVP)