Laser Lab

The GSECARS Laser Laboratory contains a 2-watt Innova 90P argon ion laser and a Raman spectrometer. This system is used for offline Raman spectroscopy and ruby fluorescence pressure measurement. The lab also contains the new GSECARS / COMPRES micro manipulator.  The 100-watt fiber laser, used for laser machining including drilling gaskets for DACs is located in the GSE DAC Lab.

The Laser Lab is for use by GSECARS users and any APS user needing to use a Raman spectrometer or ruby fluorescent system.

1) Fill out the Raman Lab Reservation Form
2) Check to make sure the date is available (multiple users may be able to use the system on the same day)  Raman Lab Calendar
3) Submit an ESAF for use of the GSE Raman Lab or if you have beamtime at GSECARS, make sure you note use of Raman Lab in your experiment ESAF.

Laser Lab Equipment

Laser Lab Entrance

GSECARS Laser Lab, Bldg 434A, Room A020.

Laser Lab Overview

Laser Setup


Lab Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

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(630) 252-0423

Joanne Stubbs

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Vitali Prakapenka

Laser Lab
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Stella Chariton

Laser Lab

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