On Wednesday, March 31st, GSECARS Beamline Scientists Peter Eng and Joanne Stubbs hosted a virtual tutorial on Crystal Truncation Rod Diffraction (CTR) for Atomic-Scale Surface Structure Measurement.

The tutorial presented the CTR technique at an introductory level.  They provided a virtual tour of the 13 BM-C beamline and demonstrated the following:

  • mounting and three-dimensional alignment of a hematite (Fe2O3) single crystal
  • measuring CTR data
  • reducing data
  • constructing an atomic-scale interfacial structure model
  • fitting the model to the data using the GenX software package (developed by Matts Björck – https://genx.sourceforge.io/)

After the tutorial, the data and model will be made available to participants who wish to try fitting themselves (see links below).

Tutorial Documents

Peter Eng gives a talk about CTR Diffraction

Peter Eng

GSECARS Beamline Scientist

Joanne Stubbs

GSECARS Beamline Scientist