Xspress 3 Detector

GSECARS just recieved the Xpress 3 detector electronics from Quantum Detectors, UK.

The new electronics are currently undergoing testing and integration into the X-ray Microprobe station 13IDE.  These electronics promise, and initial tests demonstrate, almost an order of magnitude increase in dynamic range and peak count rate over current electronics with the existing Vortex ME-4 silicon drift X-ray fluorescence detector.  This will allow faster X-ray fluorescence maps and improve micro-XANES and micro-EXAFS spectroscopies on heterogeneous systems like soils, mineral phases.

(l to r) Liam O’Ryan and Roger Goldsbrough from Quantum Detectors, U.K. installing the Xspress 3 electronics in 13 IDE.

► For information concerning Quantum Detectors, Xspress 3 detector, contact : Roger Goldsbrough, roger@quantumdetectors.com

► For information concerning detector test results at GSECARS, 13 IDE, contact : Matt Newville, newville@cars.uchicago.edu or Tony Lanzirotti, lanzirotti@uchicago.edu

► Xspress3-Brochure.pdf

Link to Quantum Detectors Xspress 3