GSECARS Detectors

Detector Characteristics Application

Xspress 3 Detector
Quantum Detectors, UK

Xspress 3 Detector

Click for more information. Allows for faster x-ray fluorescence maps and improved  micro-XANES and micro-EXAFS spectroscopies on heterogeneous samples.
MAR CCD 165 Area DetectorMAR

Canberra Detector


Vortex Detector Vortex detector.

Pilatus Detector

Pilatus detector in 13BMC

Perkin-Elmer Flat Panel Detector
  • PE-16 inch amorphous silicon digital X-ray Detector.
  • Data collection at 15fps.
  • Read outrates of 500msec.
  • Near real-time x-ray diffraction imaging.
  • Micro-diffraction experiments.
  • Tomography.