Current ANL Site Access Guidlines

This information will be updated in real time as we learn more about changes to ANL and APS guidlines.

(May 20th, 2020) – Only one GSECARS staff member is allowed on-site per beamline at the same time (maximum 4 staff total)

GSECARS On Site Schedule

The spreadsheet below displays the dates and times which GSECARS staff will be at APS, as well as where they will be working.  Prior to visiting APS, all GSECARS staff are required to enter their visit into this spreadsheet.  This is required in order to comply with APS guidlines for working safely during the Argonne Minimum Safe Operations phase.

If you plan on visiting APS to load samples for upcoming experiments, or perform any other work, you will first need to check the spreadsheet below to ensure your planned visit complies with the ANL guidelines shown at the top of this page.  If another person has scheduled a visit to an area, and you need to visit that area at the same time, please contact them to ensure you will be able to maintain social distance and avoid simultaneous use of the same tools, instruments, etc.  Once you have found a time that works for you, and others at GSECARS, please follow the steps listed below to add your scheduled visit to the spreadsheet:

  1. Click here to access the spreadsheet (A Google account is required to make changes to this calendar.  If you do not have a google account, you can create one here)
  2. Click here to view instructions for accessing and editing the spreadsheet (.docx)