Synchrotron Environmental Science VI

Synchrotron Environmental Science VI
September 11-12, 2014
Argonne National Laboratory

Meeting Agenda

SES-VI Abstracts

SES-VI brought together and promoted dialogue between synchrotron science experts and environmental science experts.  Building on the recent excitement of science that would be enabled by diffraction limited x-ray sources, as well as by free electron laser (FEL) x-ray sources, the emphasis of the meeting was on identification of new opportunities in environmental science afforded by new or soon-to-be-available x-ray sources. 

110 individuals attended the conference which included presentations from synchrotron scientists describing the projected qualities of these new sources (x-ray spot and/or illumination size, coherence/spectral qualities, timing capabilities, etc.).  Also included were presentations from scientists who have used synchrotron radiation sources in their environmental science research describing their work and their vision for how these new sources will benefit their research in the future.

A highlight of the conference was the banquet presentation by Prof. Michael Hochella (Virginia Tech) entitled “The Inaugural Gordon Brown Lecture: The Life and Times of Professor Gordon E. Brown, Jr.” Mike described Gordon as “one of the most important Earth scientists in the last half century,” highlighted Gordon’s prolific publication record, and expounded on Gordon’s ability to achieve important scientific advances by making unique connections to create new fields of scientific endeavor.   

SES-VII is anticipated to be held in 2017.

Scientific themes highlighted included the following:
♦ Biogeochemistry
♦ Fate and transport of trace, nutrient, and heavy metal elements
♦ Mesoscale science

SES-VI Local Organizing Committee:
Tony Lanzirotti, University of Chicago, (
Steve Sutton, University of Chicago, (
Vincent De Andrade, Argonne National Laboratory, ( Ken Kemner, Argonne National Laboratory, (

Speakers Included:

  • Sebastien Boutet, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
    Gordon E. Brown, Jr., Stanford University
    Jose Cerrato, University of New Mexico
    Paul Fenter, Argonne National Laboratory
    Jim Fredrickson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Ben Gilbert, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Pupa Gilbert, University of Wisconsin
    Michael F. Hochella, Virginia Tech
    H. Hsu-Kim, Duke University
    Ellery Ingall, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Joseph Jakes, USDA Forest Service
    Kenneth Kemner, Argonne National Laboratory
    Antonio Lanzirotti, University of Chicago
    Matt Lindsay, University of Saskatchewan
    Bhoopesh Mishra, Illinois Institute of Technology
    Satish Myneni, Princeton University
    Michelle Nearing, Royal Military College of Canada
    Chelsea Neil, Washington University St. Louis
    Matthew Newville, University of Chicago
    Tracy Punshon, Dartmouth College
    Tom Regier, Canadian Light Source
    Mark Rivers, University of Chicago
    Kirk Scheckel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Ryan Tappero, Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Stephen Streiffer, Argonne National Laboratory
    Joanne Stubbs, University of Chicago
    Mengqiang Zhu, University of Wyoming – Laramie


Acknowledgements: We wish to acknowledge the kind and generous support for Synchrotron Environemental Science VI by:

  • The Advanced Photon Source, ANL
  • The Biosciences Division, ANL
  • The University of Chicago, GSECARS
  • Subsurface Biogeochemical Research, Office of Biological and Environmental Research, DOE
  • Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, & Biosciences Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, DOE
  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory