Synchrotron Environmental Science VI

Synchrotron Environmental Science VI
September 11-12, 2014
Argonne National Laboratory

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Consistent with previous SES Conferences, we hope to bring together and promote dialogue between Synchrotron Science experts and Environmental Science experts.  Building on the recent excitement of science that would be enabled by diffraction limited x-ray sources, as well as by Free Electron Laser (FEL) x-ray sources, the emphasis of the meeting will be identification of new opportunities in Environmental Science afforded by new or soon-to-be-available x-ray sources. 

The conference will include presentations from synchrotron scientists who will explain the projected qualities of these new sources (x-ray spot and/or illumination size, coherence/spectral qualities, timing capabilities, etc.).  It will also include presentations from scientists who have used synchrotron radiation sources in their research who will describe their work and their vision for how these new sources will benefit their research in the future.  Program managers that fund enviromental science research will also be invited to give presentations and answer questions.

Scientific themes highlighted will include the following:
♦ Biogeochemistry
♦ Fate and transport of trace, nutrient, and heavy metal elements
♦ Mesoscale science

SES-VI Local Organizing Committee:
Tony Lanzirotti, University of Chicago, (
Steve Sutton, University of Chicago, (
Vincent De Andrade, Argonne National Laboratory, ( Ken Kemner, Argonne National Laboratory, (

Invited Speakers Include:

  • Dr. John Bargar, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
  • Dr. Daniel Bond, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Gordon Brown, Stanford University
  • Dr. Scott Fendorf, Stanford University
  • Dr. Jim Fredrickson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Dr. Michael F. Hochella, Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Pupa Gilbert, University of Wisconsin
  • Dr. Bhoopesh Mishra, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Satish Myneni, Princeton University
  • Dr. Tracy Punshon, Dartmouth College
  • Dr. Mark Rivers, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Kirk Scheckel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dr. Jason Unrine, University of Kentucky

More specifics about the conference will be forthcoming.