GSECARS welcomed the new president of COMPRES, Carl Agee, from the University of New Mexico Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Carl begins his new appointment on September 1, 2015. During his visit, Carl toured the GSECARS beamlines and labs.

Mark Rivers and Sergey Tkachev described the GSECARS / COMPRES Gaser Loading System.
Tony Yu showed Carl Agee anvils used in the 1000-ton press in 13 IDD.
Matt Newville and Tony Lanzirotti described the XAFS and microprobe program in 13 IDE.
Peter Eng described to Carl Agee the surface science program in 13 IDC.
Sergey Tkachev showed Carl Agee the Brillouin DAC program capabilities in 13 BMD.
Mark Rivers detailed the 13 BMD tomography program.
Dongzhou Zhang and Prezemek Dera showed Carl Agee the upgrade of 13 BMC which includes a DAC single crystal program.
The group toured the GSE ancillary facilities including the GSE Laser Lab.
Chemistry Lab
Multi-anvil Cell Sample Preparation Lab.