Outreach 2018 – 2019

December 3, 2019GSECARS participated in the APS Upgrade video. This short video features members of the APS scientific community speaking about the exciting scientific opportunities the upcoming  APS Upgrade will generate.

November 22, 2019 : GSECARS was pleased to host undergraduate students from the First Look @ Argonne Program.

September 20, 2019 : GSECARS welcomed University of Chicago second year STEM undergraduates on a tour of the CARS facilities.

August 7, 2019 : GSECARS hosts a tour of Sector 13 for attendees from the 25th International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis Conference (ICXOM-25).

May, 2019 : GSECARS welcomes Alex Nicolellis, summer student from Iowa State University. He is working with Charlie Smith in redesigning and converting the CARS web sites into WordPress.

April 22, 2019 : GSECARS is pleased to welcome Fiona Bonnet as a summer student. She will be working with Dr Young Jay Ryu (pictured above) and Dr Yanbin Wang in the GSE Multi-anvil Press Program. Fiona is from Laboratoire des Sciences de la Terre, ENS Lyon, France.

April 11, 2019 : GSECARS was pleased to be part of the Science Careers in Search of Women (SCSW) program at Argonne National Laboratory. Beamline scientist, Peter Eng, describes earth and planetary science applications of synchrotron research at GSECARS.

March 27, 2019 : CARS Director, Mark Rivers, gives a tour to University of Chicago Alumni Assocation members.

February 25, 2019 : GSECARS staff scientist Dr. Joanne Stubbs participated in the Argonne National Laboratory’s “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”.  Click for more information

February 19, 2019 : GSECARS beamline scientist Joanne Stubbs explaines synchrotron research in the earth and planetary sciences to University of Chicago Lab School advanced chemistry students.

February 19, 2019 : GSE beamline scientists Tony Lanzirotti and Matt Newville hosted students from Glenbard East High School. Their experiment , “The Characterization of Zinc deposition in seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana wild type (COL-0) and mutant (cad1-3) plants” was part of the Exemplary Student Research Program at Argonne National Laboratory.  Glenbard News Highlight!

February 11, 2019 : GSECARS hosted a seminar / demonstration of motion control systems with Aerotech.

September 1, 2018 : GSECARS hosts graduate student Brandt Gibson from Vanderbilt University. He is working with Mark Rivers on multiple tomography projects.

July 29  – Aug 2, 2018 : GSECARS helped sponsor the 2018 Workshop of the IUCr Commission on High Pressure. The purpose of the 2018 workshop of the  was to bring together researchers who apply tools of extreme-conditions crystallography to different disciplines of science, including biology, condensed-matter physics, solid-state chemistry, geophysics, materials science, and nanotechnology, and to stimulate discussion about recent developments in their fields and exciting research directions for the future.

July 10, 2018 : GSECARS staff scientists Matt Newville and Tony Lanzirotti host EXAFS School participants at 13 IDE. Students will learn about fundamental and practical aspects of X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy:  basics, sample preparation, experiment,  theory, data analysis.

July 9, 2018: REU students from University of Chicago, University of IL Urbana-Champaign and Ohio State were given a tour of the CARS facilities to demonstrate different synchrotron radiation experimentation techniques.

June 1, 2018 : GSECARS welcomes Carolina Izquierdo and Clementine Cheetham from Windfall Films. They shot a film highlighting the synchrotron work of Steve Jacobsen and Michele Wenz in a Discovery Channel Series “Strip The Cosmos”. Steven and Michele’s work will feature in Episode No.5: The Ancient History of The Solar System. Click

May 10, 2018 : GSECARS, HPCAT and Barnett Technical Services hosted a hands-on workshop dedicated to demonstrating the techniques and future developments of micro-manipulation work using the Axis Pro Micromanipulation System. Applied techniques demonstarted the use of the micromanipultaor in loading DACs.

May 2, 2018 : GSECARS hosted Marc Berthous, research engineer for University of Chicago Yerkes Observatroy and Northwestern University, who presented a talk “Astronomy from Stratosphere: The HAWC instrument for the SOFIA telescope”.

May 1, 2018 : GSECARS hosted Canberra representatives Steve Mell, Jeremy Flamanc and Vlad Marian who presented a talk on the performances of the latest generation of silicon and high purity germanium (HPGe) x-ray detectors.

April 19, 2018 : GSECARS staff scientist, Joanne Stubbs, gives a tour to young women taking part in the  in the Science Careers in Search of Women (SCSW) conference. The participants had the opportunity to explore their area of interest with ANL women scientists and engineers.

March 26, 2018. : GSECARS hosted Mike Wenz, Lead Systems Engineer for the Optical Telescope Assembly of the Hubble Space Telescope, presented a talk title “A Behind the Scenes Look at the Hubble Space Telescope Operations”. Hosted by GSECARS, Mike talked about the people and stories involved in keeping the Hubble humming for the last 28 years. About 90 people attended to talk.

Feb 23, 2018 : Dr. Joanne Stubbs, GSECARS beamline scientist, helped work with young girls in STEM activities / projects with ANL’s “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”.  This event introduces young women to the endless possibilities a career in this exciting field offers.

Feb 15, 2018 : As part of ANL’s Exemplary Student Research Program (ESRP) : GSECARS hosted high school students from Community High School District 99 South High School at 13 IDE. The results from their project, “Connection Between Chlorosis in Birch Trees and Nutrient Deficiency in Adjacent Soil” will be presented in a poster at the APS User Meeting in May.

Feb 20, 2018 : GSECARS hosted an ESRP group from Glenbard East High School. Their project was titled “The characterization of metal concentration and distribution in lichens with varying tolerance to air pollution.”
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