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 The Wonders of Mineral Physics Przemek Dera, Hannah Shelton and Greg Finkelstein, University of Hawaii at Manoa,  talk about mineral physics in the podcast Research in Manoa. Click
► High Pressure Single Crystal Diffraction at PX^2;
Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE)
Dongzhou Zhang, Przemek Dera, Univesity of Hawaii at Manoa; Peter J. Eng, Joanne E. Stubbs, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Mark L. Rivers, University of Chicago; Jin S. Zhang, Univesity of New Mexico Click
► The Science Beneath The Scream Jennifer Mass, President, Scientific Analysis of Fine Art, LLC, Professor, Univ of Delaware Click
 Texture, anisotropy, and fracturing of shale under pressure and temperature. Lowell Miyagi, University of Utah & Waruntorn Kanitpanyacharoen, Stanford University Click
 A Treasue Chest of Knowledge can be Found in a Shipwreck. Tammie Gerke, Andrew Sylvester and Steven Marshall from Miami University. Click
 Tales from the Crypt : A 6th Century Queen visits GSECARS. Tony Lanzirotti (University of Chicago) and a team of international scientists. Click
 GSECARS New DAC Lab University of Chicago staff Click
 Using the APS to Study Unexplained Veterans’ Illnesses Geochemist Millicent Schmidt from the State Univeristy of New York at Stony Brook Click
 Supercritical CO2 Oregon State researchers, Anna Herring and Linnea Andersson Click
 Researching Lou Gehring’s Disease Researchers, Lisa Miller and Paul Gelfand, from Brookhaven National Laboratory Click
 GSECARS New 13 BMC Monochromator Peter Eng and Patrick Dell, University of Chicago Click
 Unlocking a Sea Ice Secret Rachel Obbard and her research group from Dartmouth College Click
 ANL Exemplary Student Research Program Matt Newville and Tony Lanzirotti, University of Chicago Click
 Using Python for Epics Channel Access Matt Newville, University of Chicago Click
 GSECARS 13 ID C/D Dual Crystal Monochromator Fly-Around Patrick Dell, University of Chicago Click
► GSECARS 13 IDE Air Bearing Monochromator Fly-Around Patrick Dell, University of Chicago Click