Sector Layout

Sector Overview: The sector consists of an insertion device (undulator) beamline (13-ID), a bending magnet beamline (13-BM), four support laboratories and an office area.  Each beamline has a first optics enclosure (13-ID-A and 13-BM-A) and a second optics enclosure (13-ID-B and 13-BM-B).  The undulator beamline has three experimental stations (13-ID-C, 13-ID-D, and 13-ID-E), and the bending magnet beamline has two experimental stations (13-BM-C, and 13-BM-D).  All nine enclosures have been designed to receive white beam.  All experimental stations operate full-time independently with the exceptions of 13-ID-C and 13-ID-D which share an undulator beam.