Double Horizontal Mirror System

A double horizontal mirror system, designed by IDT, is installed in 13 IDA and offers a high-precision differential moment bender on a multi degree of freedom platform resulting in µrad control of the mirror. The beam from the new upstream undulator passing outboard of the ID-C2/D monochromator will first encounter a flat, horizontally deflecting mirror located at 29.5 m. Operated at a fixed angle of 3 mrad, the mirror will bounce the beam outboard by an additional 6 mrad.  This water-cooled, 700-mm long mirror will be coated with Rh and will have a cutoff energy of approximately 23 keV.  A second bendable, horizontally deflecting mirror will be located immediately after the first mirror; it will deflect the beam an additional 6 mrad, for a total of 12 mrad outboard deflection.  This mirror combination will collect and reflect more than 75% of the undulator beam below 23 keV.

Administrative Contacts


Nancy Lazarz

Sector Coordinator
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