13 IDC


This beamline houses a General Purpose Diffractometer used for crystal truncation rod (CTR) diffraction, resonant anomalous interface diffraction, long period x-ray standing waves, reflectivity, grazing incidence XRF, grazing incidence XAFS, inelastic x-ray scattering, and microcrystallography. The primary scientific focus is on characterizing mineral-water interface reactions which control the chemistry of natural waters by a variety of processes including sorption and desorption, mineral growth and dissolution, and biofilm and nanoparticle formation.    In addition, a Paris-Edinburgh cell is available for high pressure scattering experiments.

Beamline Staff


► Vortex Single-element and 4-element SDD detectors (2)
► Dectris Pilatus 100K pixel array detector
► MAR 165 CCD area detector

Additional Equipment

► Newport kappa six-circle general purpose diffractometer
► Environmental cells for surface scattering that support in situ mineral-water interface chemistry, interfacial redox chemistry, electrochemistry, and radioactive samples
► Paris-Edinburgh high-pressure cell
► Access to GSECARS laboratories including microscopy instrumentation, wet lab, fume hood, laminar-flow hood, glove box and sample prep areas.

Beamline Specifications

Source 3.0 Undulator
Monochromator Type Cryo DCM, Si 111, Si 311
Energy Range 4.8 – 60 keV
Resolution (Δ E / E) 1 x 10 -4
Flux (photons/sec) 1 x 10 13 @ 10 keV
Beam Size (H x V)
Unfocused 3mm x 1mm
Focused (large mirrors) 30 µm x 30 µm


13 IDC General Purpose Diffractometer