13 BMC

Experiments in the 13 BM-C station.

  • Surface diffraction : 15 keV. Collects entire 1.5 mrad fan focused on sample with monochromator. (BMC monochromator upgrade in progress, commissioning October, 2013).
  • Diamond anvil cell diffraction and imaging : 29 keV. Can use either entire 1.5 mrad fan and focused on sample, or smaller horizontal beam focused by KB mirror in hutch.
  • Partnership for Extreme Crystallography (PX^2) at 13 BMC. Click.

Beamline Optics

The bending magnet fan is divided into two parts.   An outboard fan of 2.5 mrad feeds the 13-BM-D station, and an inboard fan of 1.5 mrad feeds the 13-BM-C station.   These fans are separated  by 1 mrad. The extreme inside and outside 0.5 mrad on each edge of the 6 mrad fan is not used.

The 13-BM-C beamline has a focusing Si <111> and Si<311> single-crystal side-bounce monochromator.  It operates at a fixed angle where the <111> is 15 keV and the <311> is 29 keV.  There is a 1 m long vertical focusing mirror in the 13-BM-B optics station.  This mirror is used for some experiments and removed for others.  There are small K/B mirrors that are placed on the experimental table in 13-BM-C. Commissioning of the upgraded BMC monochromator scheduled for October, 2013.

Beamline Staff

13 BMC Control Area.

13 BMC Diffractometer