The LN2 exhaust deicer is installed on the exhaust port for of a dewar and prevents the ice buildup that commonly occurs on the exhaust port.

The 48 watt deicer operates on 12Vdc and draws 4A of current.  The heater circuit consists of for three 1 ohm 50 watt resistors and a thermal switch that cuts off power to the resistors when the temperature is above 85 degrees F.  The thermal switch will automatically reset to the on position when temperature falls below 70 degrees F.  The 12V blue power LED indicates power is connected and 12V red heater LED indicates the heater is on when lit. Click for schematic and parts list.

If you would like additional information, please contact Lino Di Donna at or 630.252.0428.

LN2 Deicer Controller

LN2 Deicers installed on the 13 IDE and 13 ID C/D monochromator cryo cooler LN2 exhaust lines.

LN2 Deicer controller installed.