Air Bearing Dual Crystal Monochromator

Air Bearing Dual Crystal Monochromator, 13 IDE

Instrument Design Technology designed and fabricated an air bearing dual crystal monochromator for use on the insertion device beamline at 13 IDE.

This cutting-edge monochromator utilizes an air bearing rotary stage goniometer with a canted undulator crystal cage. The device has a high speed direct drive torque motor with a frictionless, ultra-smooth bragg drive and has zero backlash. The indirectly cooled Si(111) and Si(311) crystal sets have withstood a high heat load at 150mA ring current. The enery range is 2.4 to above 30 keV and the 2nd crystal shows excellent temperature stability.

GSECARS 13 IDE is a dedicated XAFS / microprobe facility. The motivation for the new IDE monochromator was to effectively use the newly installed canted undulator source.   The new source gives access to the K-edges of S, Cl, K and Ca for XAFS and fluorescence spectroscopies (XANES, EXAFS and XRF) while at the same time allowing access to L and/or K edges of heavy metals.

Sulphur map of a bryozoan fossil taken with 5µm x 5µm pixels. Bright spots are sulphide grains, while the background is dominated by sulphate.

SolidWorks rendering of 13 IDE monochromator.

13 IDE monochromator