13 BMC Monochromator

The newly installed BMC monochromator will increase the techniques available to experimenters in 13 BMC. Designed and assembled by Peter Eng and Patrick Dell (University of Chicago), the parts were manufactured by Hi-Tech Manufacturing.  The new monochromator improves focusing and can provide 15 and 30 keV energies. A smaller beam size will be available, 50 x 50 microns. The previous beam size was 350 x 450 microns.The experimental program at 13 BMC will soon be able to accommodate DAC and XRD experiments. 

Commissioning will start in October 2013.

Above : Rowland circle monochromator crystal bender. The new BMC monochromator contains two of these unique crystal benders. A future upgrade may include installation of a third bender to provide three energies.

13 BMC Monochromator Flyaround (Patrick Dell, UofC).

13 BMC monochromator

13 BMC monochromator assembly

Rowland circle monochromator crystal bender, front isometric

Rowland circle monochromator crystal bender, rear isometric