December 13, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Session ID#: 122465
Experimental and analytical advances are essential in anticipation of scientific progress. Studying the physical and chemical properties of rock-forming minerals at extreme pressure, stress and temperature conditions provides invaluable information for modeling the planetary interiors, as well as an insight on geological processes that still remain ongoing conundrums. Recent developments in static and dynamic state-of-the-art experimental methods elucidate fundamental properties (e.g. structure, melting, kinetics, elasticity, phase relations and others) of geo-materials and extend this research to previously inaccessible scales. Pioneer computational-theory in combination with high quality data and advanced analysis methods allow for the full assessment of countless plausible scenarios that describe micro- and macroscopic processes in various time-domains. This session welcomes contributions that highlight innovative experimental and analytical techniques that address a wide range of physical and chemical mineral properties, and enhance our understanding of the formation, structure and dynamics of the Earth’s interior and other planetary bodies.
Stella Chariton (The University of Chicago, GSECARS, Chicago, USA)
Vitali B. Prakapenka (The University of Chicago, GSECARS, Chicago, USA)
Haozhe Liu (HPSTAR, Beijing, China)
Please, note the hybrid character of the conference this year and the COVID safety protocols for in person access. Learn more here.
The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday, 4 August at 23:59 EDT.