Hands-on Tutorial

On December 10th, the workshop will present a hands-on tutorial on “Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction Data Processing Techniques at Extreme Conditions: from simple single-crystals to complex multigrain samples”. The event will only be open to those who registered for it. We will provide 20 laptop stations which will be pre-set with all the software and datasets needed for the tutorial. Participants will be parted in groups of two. You can alternatively try to download and install all the needed software and datasets to your own laptop prior to the Tutorial day. Windows operating system is required. Clear instructions and more detailed machine requirements will be provided soon.


Check the Schedule of the Hand-on Tutorial day here.


Below are the names of those supporting/running this Tutorial:

Dongzhou Zhang, Stella Chariton, Przemyslaw Dera, Michael Ruf, Claire Zurkowski, Andrey Aslandukov and Phuong Nguyen.


The name of the software that will be demonstrated/used are:

APEX by Bruker, OLEX2 by OlexSys, SHELX by Shedrick, CrysAlis Pro by Rigaku Agilent Technologies, DAFI by Aslandukov et al., VESTA by Momma & Izumi.

Workshop Contacts


Vitali Prakapenka

Research Professor
Center for Advanced Radiation Sources
The University of Chicago

Stella Chariton

Beamline Scientist
Center for Advanced Radiation Sources
The University of Chicago

Workshop Organizers


  • Vitali Prakapenka (GSECARS/Univ. Chicago)
  • Stella Chariton (GSECARS/Univ. Chicago)
  • Dongzhou Zhang (Univ. Hawaii/GSECARS)
  • Yanbin Wang (GSECARS/Univ. Chicago)