The deadline for submission of abstracts to this workshop was on November 10th. The workshop proceedings along with all the submitted abstracts can be found in the “Participant’s Portal”.

“Art under Pressure” Competition

Science is an expression of Art, and pressure makes things even better!

A few of our workshop attendees have shared their interpretation of art through an image. Please visit back soon to check all the amazing and inspiring contributions we had and for instructions on how to vote for the winner. The winner of the competition will be announced on December 9th and will receive a surprise gift bag.

Guidelines for Oral Presenters

All oral speakers with the exception of the plenary speakers will be given a total of 20 min presentation time. This accounts for 15 min talk and 5 min Q&A. Those time limits are strict and we kindly ask for everyone’s cooperation. The chairs of each session will announce a “1 min left” mark or ask you to conclude and skip your Q&A if you exceed your allocated time.

In-person speakers: In order to ensure a smooth session, we ask that all in-person presenters forward their presentation slides to stellachariton@uchicago.edu by December 1st (no exceptions). Your presentation can be in either a .ppt(x) or .pdf format. You can include video/audio and animation material if you wish. You will not be able to connect your own laptop on the podium. In case you have a slightly updated version of your talk, you will still be able to replace it up to 1 day prior to your presentation.

Remote speakers: In order to ensure a smooth session, we ask that all remote presenters pre-record their talk and forward their video (strictly 15 min max duration) and presentation slides to stellachariton@uchicago.edu by December 1st  (no exceptions). For example, Power Point offers several convenient tools that can help you record your presentation. Your video must have a clear sound with minimal background noise and be of any generic video format, such as .mp4. We ask for your pre-recorded talks so that we can play them in case you face connection issues. You can also choose to have your video played instead of you talking. Please, let us know of your preference in advance. In any case, you must be connected in the Zoom session for the end of your talk to take live questions from the audience or answer questions in the chat.

Plenary speakers: Plenary speakers will be given 40 min presentation time. This accounts for 30 min talk and 10 min Q&A. Please follow the same guidelines as listed above and according to your attendance status.

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

All our poster presenters are asked to provide a .pdf of their poster and e-mail it to stellachariton@uchicago.edu by December 1st, so that it can be displayed in the “Participant’s Portal”. In order to highlight the work of all our poster presenters to both the in-person and remote participants of the workshop, we ask that you prepare a 2 min (3 min max) video where you introduce yourself, the work you are planning to present and when or how one can contact you and check your poster. Your video can be free-style (as creative as you wish) and forwarded to  stellachariton@uchicago.edu  by December 1st.

All Poster presenters will automatically participate in our IUCr Poster Award Competition. If you would like to exclude yourself from the competition, please e-mail stellachariton@uchicago.edu by December 1st the latest.

In-person presenters: There will be 2 poster sessions. You will receive an e-mail that informs you on which day you will be presenting. You can set up your poster any time before your Poster Session starts and remove it by the end of the day. Posters must be no longer than 36’’ x 48’’ (91cm x 122 cm). They can be displayed either in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Remote presenters: Remote poster presenters will be highlighted in the “Participant’s Portal” and during the “Highlights session” on Wednesday 7th. Please, email stellachariton@uchicago.edu and let us know at which times/dates between 6-11 December you will be available to present your poster to the other participants. Please, keep in mind the schedule of the conference. A Zoom link will be created for each one of you and will be posted along with your availability, contact information, video and .pdf in our “Participant’s Portal”.

Workshop Contacts


Vitali Prakapenka

Research Professor
Center for Advanced Radiation Sources
The University of Chicago

Stella Chariton

Beamline Scientist
Center for Advanced Radiation Sources
The University of Chicago

Workshop Organizers


  • Vitali Prakapenka (GSECARS/Univ. Chicago)
  • Stella Chariton (GSECARS/Univ. Chicago)
  • Dongzhou Zhang (Univ. Hawaii/GSECARS)
  • Yanbin Wang (GSECARS/Univ. Chicago)