GeoSoilEnviroCARS (GSECARS) is an earth-science-driven X-ray synchrotron facility at the Advanced Photon Source of the Argonne National Laboratory. As a national user facility, we provide users with access to the high-brilliance hard X-rays from this third-generation synchrotron light source. The multi-anvil, large-volume high-pressure facility at the bending magnet beamline (13-BM-D) runs a unique setup permitting an unusually wide range of high-pressure and high-temperature experiments combined with X-rays and other in-situ probing techniques. It has been a great asset for the high-pressure earth science community since its inception in 1997. A series of upgrades and updates occurred in the 2010s. Here we provide a detailed description of the current large-volume press (LVP) setup at 13-BM-D, including hardware, software, and all experimental capabilities. Examples of scientific studies that were performed at GSECARS utilizing the new LVP system are also reported.

Yu, T., Wang, Y., Rivers, M.L., Sutton, S.R., An upgraded and integrated large-volume high-pressure facility at the GeoSoilEnviroCARS bending magnet beamline of the Advanced Photon Source, C.R. Geoscience 351 (2019) 269-279.  DOI : 10.1016/j.crte.2018.09.006

Overall view of the nine-axis custom design high-precision motion system that is located inside the bending magnet beamline hutch 13-BM-D.

Setup for imaging in the LVP system. The incident beam (yellow line) passes through the anvil gaps and the cell assembly and impinges on the Ce:LuAG scintillator crystal, which converts X-rays to visible light (red line).

a) Reconstructed 3-D tomography image of the examined graphic granite sample (5.7 mm × 5.8 mm × 5.4 mm). Quartz grains are shown in light color, while the dark color represents the feldspars.
b) Quartz grains with different crystallographic orientations inside the single crystal feldspar observed under cross-polarized light.
c) View perpendicular to the mid-plane cross-section. Cross sections A–A’ and B–B’ show that most of the quartz grains run continuously, sub-parallel to the vertical axis