With just one year of operations, the upgraded 13 IDE microprobe / XAFS station at GSECARS has produced excellent results. A just published paper in Science by Theodore M. Flynn (Argonne National Laboratory), Edward J. O’Loughlin (Argonne National Laboratory), Bhoopesh Mishra (Illinois Institute of Technology), Thomas J. DiChristina (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Ken Kemner (Argonne National Laboratory) using the new sulphur spectroscopy capabilities of 13 IDE, explores the interplay of Fe/S cycling under alkaline conditions.

Media Highlights:

Sulfur-Mediated Electron Shuttling During Bacterial Iron Reduction, Theodore M. Flynn, Edward J. O’Loughlin, Bhoopesh Mishra, Thomas J. DiChristina, and Kenneth M. Kemner, Science 1252066 Published online 1 May 2014 [DOI:10.1126/science.1252066] Click for .pdf

Sulfur K-edge XANES spectra of S-containing bioreactors. Standards shown are (A) unreacted S. oneidensis MR-a cells, (B) rhombic S0, and (C) mackinawite (FeS).