Outreach 2016 - 2017

► Outreach 2016

► GSECARS beamline scientists, Dr. Joanne Stubbs and Dr. Margaret Koker, volunteered with the ANL Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day event. This outreach program for middle school aged girls provided an opportunity for the young students to learn about STEM careers with presentations, tours and hands-on activities. 2/23/2017

Visitor : Zhenjiang Wang is a 3rd year PhD student from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).  He is working on laboratory simulation of deep-crustal ore formation processes.  Working with Feng Shi and Yanbin Wang, he has collected a set of tomographic images of his samples at GSECARS and Sector 2.  He will be analyzing these data with the help of Dr. Xianghui Xiao at Sector 2, before attending the AGU Meeting in San Francisco, where he will be presenting a poster based on this work. He will be visiting GSECARS Nov - Dec, 2016.

CARS hosts STEM Scholars from Indiana University. The two day workshop included tours of GSECARS, BioCARS and ChemMatCARS as well as a round table discussion between the students and scientists about careers in the sciences


2016 Summer Intern, Dennis D'Amico worked with GSECARS staff Peter Eng and MikeProskey to design a portable cart for a Pilatus Detector.  Dennis is an engineering major at Univeristy of Illinois.



► National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering, August, 2016.

Students conducted an X-ray Fluorescence Microtomography experiment  with GSECARS staff Matt Newville and Tony Lanzirotti at 13 IDE. Two groups of students imaged Arabidopsis seeds.





► Acoustic Emission Workshop, January 29-31, 2016

This workshop was mainly intended to provide technical training for those who are interested in using acoustic emission as a probe to study materials response to stress under high pressure.



► GSECARS hosted two Exemplary Student Research Program (ESRP) Groups in February, 2016.
Glenbard East High School, Faculty Mentor : Karen Beardsley
"The effect of soil pH on Mn sequestration in soybeans"
Community High School District 99, Faculty Mentor : Michelle Sachtleben
"Interactions between Fasteners and Wood Treated with Micronized Copper under Weathering Conditions"