AE Workshop

This workshop is mainly intended to provide technical training for those who are interested in using acoustic emission as a probe to study materials response to stress under high pressure.  We will have a brief scientific session on potential applications of AE and fundamental principles of the technique itself.  Then we will focus on practical aspects regarding cell assemblies and transducer preparations, followed by a demonstration on AE detection using a real specimen (but without x-rays).  An optional online demo is also planned for a later day (after the workshop) depending on demand from the attendees.

Presentation Power Points

Lowell Miyagi, University of Utah
Texture and Fracture Anisotropy in Gas Shales
Pam Burnley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Stress Percolation in Polycrystalline Materials
Alexandre Schubnel, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Acoustic Emissions, a (brief) Review & the D-DIA Set-up at GSECARS
Tim Officer, Western University
AE Development at Western University
Yanbin Wang, University of Chicago
Status of AE Experiments at GSECARS


Workshop Speakers
Yanbin Wang, Organizer University of Chicago
Alexandre Schubnel ENS, Paris
Tahar Hammouda Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans,
University Pascal
Tim Officer University of Western Ontario
Lowell Miyagi University of Utah
Pam Burnley University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Robert Farla BGI, University Bayreuth