13 BMC

 Experiments in the 13 BM-C station.

  • Surface diffraction : 15 keV. Collects entire 1.5 mrad fan focused on sample with monochromator. (BMC monochromator upgrade in progress, commissioning October, 2013).
  • Diamond anvil cell diffraction and imaging : 29 keV. Can use either entire 1.5 mrad fan and focused on sample, or smaller horizontal beam focused by KB mirror in hutch.

Beamline Optics

The bending magnet fan is divided into two parts.   An outboard fan of 2.5 mrad feeds the 13-BM-D station, and an inboard fan of 1.5 mrad feeds the 13-BM-C station.   These fans are separated  by 1 mrad. The extreme inside and outside 0.5 mrad on each edge of the 6 mrad fan is not used.

The 13-BM-C beamline has a focusing Si <111> and Si<311> single-crystal side-bounce monochromator.  It operates at a fixed angle where the <111> is 15 keV and the <311> is 29 keV.  There is a 1 m long vertical focusing mirror in the 13-BM-B optics station.  This mirror is used for some experiments and removed for others.  There are small K/B mirrors that are placed on the experimental table in 13-BM-C. Commissioning of the upgraded BMC monochromator scheduled for October, 2013.

Beamline Staff


13 BMC Control Area.